Shortcuts to enterprise frontend skills.

Frameworks and Programming languages will come and go, but somethings hold true across app creation no matter what the language.

Any app

  • Initial State (Config)
  • Current State
  • Event => (triggers an action)
  • Actions() { updates state }

One of the most important points if not THE most important point is to keep adding users stories efficiently even though a sites sizes doubles, triples and doubles again and again. Thus we must fight for simplicity or we will drown in complexity and we fight this complexity with the Separation of concerns best-practice.

Rules of thumb.

1 File contains one class and has one purpose.
1 Method has does one and only one thing.. (Better for testing and readability)
Try to write static methods as static methods are easier to to test as you don’t have to create an object before invoking it or pass objects to a constructor first.

OO-thumb to the bone

If two classes have the same method names .. create an abstract class containing this method name.
If you have a private method question it’s location in this class if there are more classes of this type.. (Add it to a helper class and then to the abstract class)


Fighting for the same goals..

If a team does not fight using the same guidelines … divergence is inevitable and multiple solutions for the same problems or a wild diversity of styles will grow within an app.


Rules of the game…

What style should we use then.. This is the one for John Pappa’s Angular StyleGuide

Formatting any formatting will do as long as everybody uses the same one. But one with good tools support for your idea like.

Prettier, TsLint, Linter with good tools support


2 ways to speedup your learning.

  • Try out sites like PluralSight or Udemy and use there free study period or courses to take of quick. Many of them come with sample code.
  • You work in a company which has an Angular site or Creates them, read as much production code as you can get your hands on.
  • Peer review by senior developers


Home your like my two cents.


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