DEV Pro tip) Stop DROWNING in browser tabs.

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Your probably using chrome for developing and debugging. But as a developer you probably have multiple browser installed. * Dedicate one for Testing a site. * And one browser for documentation ** Git cheat sheet ** HTML 5 documentation ** CSS3 documentation ** Angular X documentation * And another for communication ** multiple email accounts […]

Angular & internationalization i18n

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Getting the locale in a component ADD>> to any *.component.ts

Start using Git – the most important commands in perspective

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(Always) “git clone” – Clone a remote repo to local disk repo. > (optional) “git pull” – if your working with multiple people (optional) “git checkout /origin/some-pre-existing-branch” – for a different branch then the master (optional) “git branch -a” – check branch-name currently checkout (optional) “git add . ” – for new files (Always) […]

5 Command to setup a new react project

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Before you can execute above five commands Install (NodeJs, NPM and run”npm i create-react-app”). Second option.

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